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ListaLegal is a free-to-use lawyer directory with a mission: to help Spanish speakers more easily connect with Spanish-speaking attorneys.

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Our Rating: 4/5

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ListaLegal is an attorney directory with a unique purpose: to help connect native Spanish speakers with an attorney. Their website, in both English and Spanish, helps guide consumers to a Spanish-speaking attorney in their area to help them with their legal needs. ListaLegal is free for both consumers and attorneys to use, though if you want to take advantage of a featured listed or their Spanish web design services, you can pay a small monthly fee.

ListaLegal Highlights

Access to Justice. One thing that makes ListaLegal stand out from other online legal directories is its commitment to help Spanish speakers connect with attorneys who may otherwise have a difficult time finding one. Most clients who visit ListaLegal are actively seeking an attorney. While it’s most popular pages help connect consumers to immigration and family law attorneys, the directory includes lawyers in all practice areas.

Spanish web design services. ListaLegal offers a specific web design service to create and translate your website from English to Spanish. It can create a professional and mobile responsive Spanish website that works with, mirrors, or stands alone from your English-first site. It can also help you create content, like blog posts, in Spanish to populate your new Spanish website.

Free to use. ListaLegal is free to use for both consumers and attorneys. It does not charge for listings and is not a referral service, so when a potential client connects with you, there are no hidden charges. Instead, ListaLegal makes its money from attorneys purchasing Featured Listings or using its web design services.

ListaLegal Pricing

ListaLegal is free to use, though if you want to upgrade your account to a Featured Listing, it will cost $30/month.

Taking advantage of their Spanish web design services costs $150/month for building and maintaining the site. It also offers a money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel this service within 60 days of starting it.

Things You Might Want to Know

Specific directory. ListaLegal is unique in the service it strives to provide. This means that if you’re a non-Spanish speaker, you probably won’t benefit from being listed in this directory. In fact, you could probably expect some pretty rotten customer reviews if Spanish-speaking clients contact you and you don’t speak Spanish.

Legal blog. ListaLegal also has a Spanish-first legal blog that is geared toward helping clients better understand the law and their rights. For example, a recent blog post covered what someone should do if they’re being discriminated against at work. These blog posts highlight Featured Listings at the bottom so potential clients can reach out.

Practice areas. In addition to family law and immigration, ListaLegal also lists attorneys who practice in criminal defense, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, employment law, social security, tax, personal injury, business, civil rights, and elder law.

Who ListaLegal is For

With its specific goal and mission, ListaLegal is an especially great fit for Spanish speaking attorneys who practice immigration or family law looking connect with those who need low-cost or pro bono legal services. Spanish speaking attorneys practicing in other areas seeking to grow their client base would also benefit from listing themselves in this directory. Chances are that if you’ve listed Spanish services on your website, you’re already in the directory, so go claim your profile!

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