Lawyer Ratings & Directories

Lawyer ratings, lawyer reviews, and lawyer directories are everywhere. Some are free, some list lawyers and firms automatically, some feature lawyer reviews, and some charge fees, either for inclusion or for featuring your profile more prominently. It can be a challenge to try to determine which services are right for you. Consider these factors when deciding which one to choose.

  1. Use Google to check the website’s rankings for various high-volume legal keywords that your clients are likely to use. Try this formula to determine what your potential clients are probably looking for: “Best + Jurisdiction + Practice Area + Lawyer”. This will provide a very rough estimate of how much relevant traffic it receives.
  2. View the current lawyer ratings or lawyer directory listings or landing pages for law firms in your fields of practice and geographic location. Will you be “buried” under a number of other firms in the lawyer directory?
  3. For lawyer directories, check the information listed. Listings should at least provide a phone number, email address, and website link.
  4. Assess how easy or difficult it will be to track potential clients who come from the directory or lawyer ratings service.
  5. Contact an existing law firm subscriber to the directory that you are considering. Ask them how many visitors, leads, and new clients the lawyer directory has produced for their firm in a given time period. Estimate the cost per visitor, lead, and client.

While the above factors can give you an idea of whether a particular service will work for you, the only way to be sure is to give it a try and measure its performance for your firm.

Measuring Performance for Your Firm

Just like all forms of advertising, lawyer ratings services and lawyer directories will perform differently for different law firms. While one firm may get a great return on investment (ROI), another may experience losses. There is simply no substitute for measuring the specific performance for your firm.

To measure the performance of a lawyer directory, lawyer reviews site, or lead-generation service for your firm, use a dedicated tracking phone number and tracking links for your listing in the directory so you can use a web analytics program to measure visits, leads, and clients generated from your listing.

After a month or so, calculate the cost per visitor, lead, and client. If they exceed your ROI, try another service or a different marketing strategy.

Below are links to more information, including our best-fit judgment for each product. If you’re looking for more guidance, check out our 7-day Directory Challenge.

Lawyer Ratings & Directories (Alphabetical List)

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