Credit Card Processing for Lawyers

Credit card processing software reviews for lawyerst and law firms looking to accept in-person or online payments by e-check or credit card.

Credit Card Processing for Lawyers (Alphabetical List)

Credit Card Processing for Lawyers Feature Descriptions

When exploring your credit card processing options, knowing the specific features that will keep your business running smoothly can be challenging. We’ll try to make it easy:

  1. First, think about your firm’s needs. Some credit card processing software only gives you the ability to accept online credit card payments. Others allow you to accept e-checks, sync with your accounting software, and more.
  2. Read through our feature definitions list.
  3. Then, get more information about the software that most interests you by visiting the product page for each.
  4. Finally, sign up for a trial account with one or two likely software options, put them through their credit-card-processing paces, and pick the one that works best for your firm.

Feature Definitions

Accept Payments. This means the program will allow you to process credit or e-check payments through a browser or payment portal.

Recurring Payment. This means you can set up billing that will automatically occur periodically, like monthly bills to clients.

Send Invoices. This means you can use this interface to generate and send invoices to clients.

Request Payments. While similar to the invoice check, this feature means that you can send email reminders for payment on a past-due or almost due invoice.

Accepts Major Credit Cards. A check in this box means your clients can pay by MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Chase, Discovery, Capital One, or Citibank.

e-Check/ACH Deposits. This means the program can accept electronic versions of paper checks.

International Transactions. Have a client abroad that needs to pay? A check in this box means that won’t be an issue.

Issue Refunds. If a client overpaid or if you need to issue a refund for any other reason, you’ll be able to do that with a software that has a check in this box.

Analytics. Want to run or generate a report to give you an overview of payments paid and due? Not a problem for software with a check in this box.

Fraud Prevention. Payment processors offering this feature monitor transactions to help find and head off sketchy charges.

Trust Account Compliance. Software checking this box is trust account compliant and can automatically separate funds into your trust and operating accounts as required.