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The Clio Cloud Conference is an annual legal technology conference for Clio customers as well as tech-curious small firm lawyers.

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October 4-5, 2018


Hyatt Regency Hotel, 601 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113

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What to Expect at the Clio Cloud Conference

The Clio Cloud Conference is a two-day immersion in legal tech, with big-name keynote speakers. And you have the option to spend two days immersed in training on Clio and its integration partners.

If you use Clio, it’s a no-brainer. The energy and excitement Clio brings to this conference is probably unlike any other legal conference you’ve been to, and the whole point is to take good care of Clio users (which is why your ticket is worth much more than the price of admission). You’ll learn a ton, and the conference will probably pay for itself over again when you get back to your office and apply what you learned.

If you don’t use Clio but you are considering it, the Clio Cloud Conference is also a great idea. If you decide to use Clio, you will get a big head start. If you decide not to, you won’t have any doubts because you will have seen it, tried it, and talked to other lawyers who use it every day. And you will still learn a lot and take home a bunch of ideas inspired by the keynotes.

If you don’t use Clio and don’t want to, the Clio Cloud Conference is, I admit, less obviously compelling. But you’ll still get inspired by the keynotes, learn lots in the breakout sessions, and have a great time at the after-hours events. After all, I don’t use Clio and I look forward to this conference all year.

Disclaimer: Clio wants us at its conference so badly that every year so far it has flown us to Chicago, put us up at a nice hotel, and left wine and snacks in our hotel room.

Tips for First-Time Attendees

Here are five tips for getting the most out of your first Clio Cloud Conference:

  1. If you don’t use Clio, don’t worry. Just stick to the legal technology and business of law tracks. The Clio-specific content is all in CEO Jack Newton’s opening remarks and the Clio University tracks.
  2. If you do use Clio, bring your problems. Clio developers will be on hand to do the hardest thing I can imagine: watch people use their product. They can help you solve problems on the spot, but they are also looking for opportunities to cure users’ pain points. By the end of the two-day conference, Jack will probably announce updates the team has made during the conference in response to feedback.
  3. Go to the after-hours events. The optional Clio After Dark events are awesome. Look for details when you check in so you don’t miss out. At least one is included with your ticket, and the optional events have been worth the extra cost.
  4. Grab a hangover kit in the morning. Speaking of after hours, Clio throws excellent parties after the sessions are done for the day. Plan to go out and stay out. To help you freshen up in the morning, there will be hangover kits.
  5. Leave your family at home. Or if you do bring your family, make sure they know they won’t see you for two days. Day or night, there isn’t really anything you will want to skip.

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