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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Glenn Advisory?

Glenn Advisory works directly with your firm for tax planning and accounting services.

What is the price of Glenn Advisory?

Glenn Advisory provides minimum pricing information on its website.

Is Glenn Advisory secure?

Yes. They use the software, websites, banks, and so forth you already use. Any credentials you provide Glenn Advisory would be as secure as your own credentials.

Does Glenn Advisory integrate with my Law Practice Management Software?

Glenn Advisory uses the software programs your firm has already selected.

Can Glenn Advisory handle my law firm's trust accounting?

No. Glenn Advisory focuses on the business side of the law practice, the transactions impacting taxes.

Is Glenn Advisory good for solos?

Yes. They focus on law firms from solos through mid-sized practices.

Will Glenn Advisory Review: CPA and Tax Accounting for Lawyers connect to my online bank account?

Yes. They will use the credentials and bank account information your firm provides.

Can my law firm manage users with Glenn Advisory?

No. They are a services firm, not software. There is no need to manage users.

Will my law firm's accountant be able to use Glenn Advisory?

Yes. Glenn Advisory will work with anyone in your firm you would like them to work with.

Can my firm accept ePayments with Glenn Advisory?

No, Glenn Advisory is not a software product or vendor. They provide business tax planning, accounting services, and income tax return work.

Additional Details about Glenn Advisory

Importance of Planning

Glenn Advisory understands that a proper approach to tax planning isn’t a “one-and-done” or once-a-year event. They provide a dedicated team that works with the law firm year-round to ensure the best compliance with and benefits from tax law changes. Having someone continually focused on tax issues greatly reduces stress and complications come filing time.

Glenn Advisory works with law firms to reduce potential tax liabilities proactively. They also help individuals within the firm, like partners and sole proprietors, with personalized tax planning.

Proper planning also helps Glenn Advisory prepare tax returns, whether a multi-state return for the business, business tax returns for attorneys, or personal returns for individuals.

Tax advisory subscriptions include a strategic tax plan, tax projections, tax notice responses, and tax audit representation.

Robust Outsourced Bookkeeping

Glenn Advisory’s bookkeeping service helps organize firm financials and assists in long-term planning. By working as the firm’s bookkeeper, Glenn Advisory sees the law firm’s complete financial picture. With this full information, Glenn Advisory provides powerful insights that inform proactive tax planning.

And, of course, their bookkeeping service ensures compliance with applicable reporting and tax laws and regulations.

As with its tax advisory service, accounting services are subscription-based. Glenn Advisory offers three tiers: Core, Select, and Premier. All levels provide business tax returns and filing, 1099 preparation, and monthly book closings. Select adds monthly account reconciliation. Premier adds monthly account reconciliation and monthly transaction classification.

Upfront Subscription Pricing

Often, professional services companies provide no pricing information upfront, preferring that interested firms schedule a call or web meeting. In contrast, Glenn Advisory shows minimum pricing for its tax advisory, accounting services, and individual tax return options.

Tax advisory services are subscription-based, starting at $250 per month. Accounting services monthly prices begin at $250 per month (Core tier), $400 per month (Select tier), and $600 per month (Premier tier).

Preparation and filing of individual tax returns cost a minimum of $1,500 per return.

Law Firm-Focused

While every business could benefit from tax and accounting assistance, Glenn Advisory specializes in law firms and attorneys’ unique and demanding needs. Their discerning blend of strategic planning and “in the trenches” work would benefit many law firms.

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