I had looked high and low for a good iPad stand. What I found was either junk or insanely expensive. And then I found the bizarrely named LUXA2 H4 iPad stand by Thermaltake. Insanely good and insanely inexpensive.

I stumbled across the LUXA2 H4 stand while looking to spend a $50 gift certificate. (Thanks Lexis/Nexis!) I was working through the Amazon offerings for a stand to display my iPad on my desk. I wanted to find something that would hold my iPad firmly, in both portrait and landscape mode. I wanted it sturdy and stylish. And did I mention inexpensive? There are a lot of stands out there for $50 and up, but that just seems ridiculous to hold something as small as an iPad.

Luxa2 3

Well, I stumbled upon the LUXA2. At the time of this post, $18.99. Excellent, but then most stands in that price range are simple props that I wouldn’t want to waste my money on. But the LUXA2 had excellent reviews–all but 1 of the reviews was 5 stars. The sole dissenter? 4 stars. So I tried it.

Now, there isn’t a lot to this thing. It’s constructed of high grade aluminum. It feels solid and substantial. It consists of a base that mirrors an iMac stand. A scissor action mechanism has 6 “fingers” that quickly and easily grasp your iPad (or for that matter, your Kindle, Nook, Surface or almost any other tablet) and hold it firmly. A grip pad is mounted on the scissor mechanism to prevent slip and to protect the back of your iPad. The scissor mechanism is mounted to the stand by a swivel that allows you to choose your viewing angle, in both landscape and portrait mode. Because of how the scissor mechanism holds the tablet, it will work even without removing the iPad from many cases.

Luxa2 1

And that’s it. Very simple. Very elegant. Like the Apple products it is made to hold, it “just works.”


LUXA2 H4 iPad Stand

Reviewed by Todd Hendrickson on .

Summary: The LUXA2 H4 iPad stand is a quality stand for the iPad or any tablet. Sturdy, easy to use and adjustable. Good buy.

Overall score: 5 (out of 5)

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