The Doxie Go is one of the best gadgets I have reviewed (despite the fact that I have no clear need for one), and it just got exponentially better with the addition of Eye-Fi for wireless file transfer. I show you exactly what that means in the video above, but here’s the gist: You run a document through the Doxie Go, and the Eye-Fi card sends the scan straight to your iPad, smartphone, or computer.

It’s not perfect, but if you scan on the go, I think you’re going to want the Eye-Fi to go with your Doxie Go.

Doxie sent me an Eye-Fi card to try out, but you can buy the Eye-Fi for $39. I understand Doxie plans to bundle it with the scanner, at some point, but it will still be the same card.

There is a downside or two. Especially compared to the Doxie Go, the Eye-Fi is a royal pain to set up. It’s like programming a VCR, circa 1985, or connecting to the internet with Windows 95. But once you set it up, you shouldn’t have to mess with it again; you just pop the Eye-Fi into the Doxie Go, and it does its thing (again, see above).

Further, scanning with the Eye-Fi takes two or three times as long as scanning without it, because you have to wait for the file to transfer. You won’t be scanning long exhibits at a doc review, but you might use it for scanning a settlement agreement at a mediation. This narrows the use case a bit, but the Doxie Go wasn’t going to win any speed contests in the first place.

All in all, if you get the Eye-Fi up and running, it’s a pretty slick way to scan on the go. On balance, I’d recommend getting the Eye-Fi, because it’s a tiny addition to your kit, and I think you’re going to want it.


Doxie Go with Eye-Fi
Reviewed by Sam Glover on .

Summary: The Doxie Go is one of the best gadgets I have reviewed (despite the fact that I have no clear need for one), and it is exponentially better with the addition of Eye-Fi for wireless file transfer.

Overall score: 5 (out of 5)


  1. Bart Bouse says:

    I use JotNot Pro with my iphone camera with great success. I do this often for title documents filed at the courthouse versus the $1.00 per page charge and time for staff to copy. With JotNot, I can scan and email instantly from the iphone to my office, title company, opposing counsel, etc. in all the most widely used formats, primarily pdf. The app is cheap and I don’t have to carry anything else. I can hook the iphone to my laptop and transfer images through itunes if no wifi. Can you explain how this would be better? The scans might be better quality but the inconvenience of it looks huge, even with eye-fi.

    • Sam Glover says:

      For that, you could just skip the Eye-Fi and plug in the scanner once you get back to your office. However, if JotNot is getting sufficiently good scans for you, stick with it.

  2. Bart Bouse says:

    I might mention that with JotNot I don’t have to take the pages out of the book or magazine. Many of the older title documents are on 11 x 14 paper as well. I assume that would not fit through the Doxie Go. They’re not a problem at all for JotNot. Before JotNot, it required the deed record book to be taken apart and the document laid on a large flatbed copier. A not-so-good abused government owned copier and with the added $1 charge. I don’t think JotNot is the only game in town on scanner apps for the iphone. It works well for me but there may be others. All the oil and gas landmen use cameras for their title documents then simply put the sd card in the computer and convert to pdf. I don’t see anyone using things like the Doxie Go. I used to have a usb scanner. Never used it. In my opinion, digital cameras and more importantly smart phones have rendered these devices more useless than they were before.

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