Have you noticed the increasing nostalgia for all things retro? Showing up in concert with the most modern technology like the iPhone there are ringtones that harken back to the good old 1980s rotary dialed phone, and camera apps that make photos into something from a 1970s Instamatic. Also, letterpress stationery and fountain pens are some of the most coveted methods of unique communication. And then there is Etsy, the site where micro businesses sell unique handmade items.

What’s the common thread?

Where is this all coming from? On one hand it looks like the backlash of the Industrial Revolution and the revolt of over-processed and generic products. On the other hand it is a boon for small businesses. As the consumer continues to search for unique products to support their individuality they return to quality technology from the past: like artisan bread and hand-pressed stationery. There is a aesthetic quality in these items that is lost in mass production.

So what?

As a part of small law, you have the advantage over the mass-produced larger firm with its annual reports and corporate contributors dictating the messaging. While the internet has made the world a smaller place, it has also allowed for small businesses to have a reach outside of what was previously prohibitive. This creates benefits for the business and the consumer as consumers are able to seek and purchase unique items and small businesses are able to have a global reach.

Your service is like cupcakes

Your personal relationship with your clients contains the allure of cupcakes from scratch: the authenticity can be smelled from a mile away. Consider the attraction to unique and individual products and how you can tailor your business realistically to be more personal and different for each client. Create a unique experience for your clients that shows your individuality, like your handwriting on letterpress with a fountain pen. By creating personalized experiences you develop something that is timeless and will keep you in business for decades in the future, as retro as it may seem.


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  1. Avatar Kevin Houchin says:

    Fountain pens rock! They are items of style and grace. They are the magic wand of today. My ex-wife got really mad when I spent $45 on my first “real” fountain pen back in 1994. I still have the pen… :-)

    There is something special about the combination of a great journal and great pen.

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