Read This Article to Learn Everything You Need to Know About SEO

The goal of creating content shouldn’t be to come up with a bunch of great keywords; it should be to come up with great content.

If you want to know what search-engine optimization is all about, spend a few minutes with this article from HubSpot.

(h/t Kevin O’Keefe)

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  1. Avatar Will Green says:

    Original content is king. But why do so many of the top results still contain content that is blatantly stuffed with keywords?

    • Avatar Trent Smith says:

      Age of domain, number of back links to the site and domain rank play a huge role in ranking regardless of keywords. Google doesn’t rank sites. It ranks pages. Hubspot has over 559k back links and their domain rank is 78/100 according to ahrefs.

  2. Avatar jluros says:

    The headline was misleading. This taught me a little about SEO. It was hardly “everything I needed to know.” Unless the headline was intended to be ironic?

  3. If I were a keyword, my response would be:
    ” ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.'[M. Twain]

    Instead, now you have to pay more (through Adwords) to get the report of my death.”

    Intent in the new algorithm still needs keywords…it’s just that you won’t get to see them.

    But so far, Bing and Yahoo still give you a peak, even if their share of search is puny compared to Google.

    • Avatar Trent Smith says:

      Yep, totally agree. If keywords are irrelevant then why does Google invest so much in improving their keyword planning tool? I also wonder if Google Analytics Premium shows keywords? At 150k per year one would hope so.

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