Raise Your Productivity With A Routine

At the beginning of December my wife had major hip surgery, and due to my need to stay home and care for her, my focus and productivity have been suffering. After much frustration regarding completing my work, I realized that creating a routine will get my life and productivity back on track.

When I started my practice in late February last year, I found that I was far more comfortable with my work and far more productive when I had a rough routine for each day. I started each day by checking all my email (business and personal, so there was nothing on my mind that needed addressing), and responding to those things that were immediately resolvable. I was then able to prioritize the rest of my day’s work based on other email that needed addressing, as well as calendared tasks and regular commitments.

Since I have been without a routine for the last six weeks, I have had to suddenly reconstruct mine, which is a good exercise in determining what I value, what needs doing, and how best to get it done.

I have basically re-adopted my old routine (starting with email in the morning), but it also incorporates Marketing Monday, and better takes into account the rest of the items I need to address for my personal well-being (such as working out, reading for pleasure, rehearsals, and socializing).

Just beginning to formulate my new routine has made me more focused and productive.



  1. Avatar Mindy says:

    Since it’s a new year, I’m rethinking the way I do things. Thanks for the reminder that a weekly routine is just as important as a daily one.

  2. Graham: sorry to hear about your wife, hope she gets better soon!

    I work a lot from home too. I’m using several techniques to get more done such as:
    – closing Outlook to get real work done and limiting to 2x or 3x the number of times I check emails – it’s very hard!
    – list on a small piece of paper in the morning what I want to do today (be realistic) – looking at the list keeps me focused and I enjoy striking though tasks I completed
    – work on difficult project in the morning (that’s when my brain works vest). I also try to break frequently when doing intense work (every 40/60min).

    Hope this helps!

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