In response to feedback (including some from yours truly) from bloggers, students and law school administrators, LexisNexis has expanded the free legal research services it is providing to law school graduates doing work for the public good.

Kudos to LexisNexis for the quick turn-around.

Last week the company was offering free legal research services through its new ASPIRE (Associates Serving Public Interest Research) program just to those law school graduates deferred from BigLaw and pursuing public interest work in the meantime. This week, the company expanded ASPIRE’s eligibility to any law school graduate doing public interest work until September 2010.

Says Scott Collins, Vice President of Law Schools for LexisNexis,

We decided to expand the eligibility because we take public service work pretty seriously. That’s something that LexisNexis stands for.  And if we can provide services for students that want to do that work in the short or long term, that’s a benefit to the student, to the agency they’re working for, to LexisNexis, to the law school, and for the firm these students may be going to.

You are now eligible for the LexisNexis’ ASPIRE program IF:

  1. You are a 2009 Graduate AND
  2. You are a deferred fall associate pursuing public interest (non-profit or charitable) work during your deferral period OR
  3. You are pursuing public interest work while searching for law firm employment OR
  4. You are pursuing public interest work as a continuing profession.

The complimentary LexisNexis access will be provided throughout your public interest employment period, up until September 2010 maximum.

To sign up for LexisNexis’ ASPIRE program, fill out the online form on the LexisNexis law school site.  The online form will be updated to reflect the expanded eligibility by 5/15 or 5/18 at the latest. In the meantime, newly-eligibles can still sign up for ASPIRE on the website; just write “no firm” under the Firm Employment Information category.

If may say so, on behalf of the entire legal community, thanks for listening LexisNexis.

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