After law school, thinking like a lawyer is easy. For most people, they can no longer forget ignore logic—every situation must be analyzed through rational analysis.

Talking in logical gibberish, however, can be hard to understand if you are not a lawyer. When meeting with clients, give them a roadmap in plain english to make it easier for them to understand their options.

Avoid the legal lingo

Most clients do want to hear big words or fancy lawyer talk. Thinking like a lawyer is good, but talking like one can be bad. Make a conscious effort to translate what you want to say into “normal talk.”

You are unlikely to experience 100% success, but you will find yourself changing phrases for the better.

Roadmaps make it easy to pick an option

If you find you cannot turn off that awesome legal mind of yours, at the very least, provide your clients with roadmaps. Providing clear and concise roadmaps should make it much easier for your clients to decide what options is best for them.

If they do not understand an option, you have should have at least distilled it to the point where they can ask questions about it.

Diagram your roadmap

Most people cannot absorb everything simply by listening. Putting your roadmap should engage your client and help them understand exactly what you are talking about. When you provide your client with options, use a whiteboard or legal to diagram the various routes. That makes it easy to include potential pitfalls, costs, and outcomes.

Hopefully, your client will have a better understanding of what the options are. As a result, it should be easier for your client to make a well-informed decision about how to move forward.

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