Gmail is my preferred email interface for lawyering, and I also use Google Apps to maximize my productivity. Although my Gmail account has never been hacked, here are some tips to keep your accounts secure, and if they do get hacked, what you need to restore security.

If you are using Gmail as your business account, take the extra 2 minutes and create a password that is more complicated than usual. Elementary advice, but still a precaution worth taking.

If your account does get hacked, having the following information is extremely helpful to regain access and control of your account:

  1. Month/year you created the Google account.
  2. If you were invited to Gmail by invite, the email address of the person who invited you.
  3. Your top 5 most frequently contacted email addresses.
  4. Names of custom labels in your Gmail account.
  5. The dates of when you started using other Google services.

It might seem like a pain to keep track of this, but if you are using Google services with client information, the faster you can regain control of your account, the better.

Lessons Learned from a Hacked Google Account | Lifehacker

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  1. Christina says:

    Very informative. I never thought I should take note of those details just in case my account will be hacked..but hopefully not…

    Happy New Year.

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