10 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common, 3rd Edition


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Good design is the foundation of a website that brings in business. Whatever your marketing strategy, potential clients are going to visit your website, where you must convince them to take the next step toward hiring you. A well-designed website will obviously do this better than a poorly designed one.

We have been showcasing the best law firm websites for over eight years, and we’ve found that the best-designed law firm websites have some clear things in common. This 29-page guide condenses what we’ve learned to help you build a website that helps you bring in business to your firm and turn visitors into clients.

Table of Contents:

  • Start with a Well Defined Goal
  • Highlight Your Call to Action
  • Focus on Your Client-Centered Value Proposition
  • Welcome Mobile Devices with Responsive Design
  • Avoid Visual Clutter
  • Use Bold Colors and Striking Images
  • Take Advantage of Typography
  • Design for Accessibility
  • Optimize for Search Engines
  • Secure Your Website

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