4-Step Computer Security Upgrade, 2nd Ed.


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Every day you lock the door to your office in order to protect your client files and personal items. It’s the smart (and obvious) thing to do. But many lawyers leave the virtual door to their computer wide open, leaving client files vulnerable to anyone who wants them enough.

Sure there are reasons why lawyers don’t secure their computers—lack of know-how chief among them. But those excuses won’t get your client files back if something happens.

This 25-page guide makes it as easy to lock the virtual door to your computer as it is to lock the physical door to your office. In less than an hour you will learn to encrypt your files, secure your computer when using public Wi-Fi, enable two-factor authentication, and use good passwords.

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Also available in paperback and Kindle

Table of Contents:

  • The Calculus of Security
  • Encrypt Your Files
    • On Your Computer
    • Whether to Upgrade Windows
    • On Your Phone and Tablet
    • Living with Encryption
  • Secure Your Computer When Using Wi-Fi
    • SSL
    • VPN
    • Living with a VPN
  • Use 2-Factor Authentication for Key Services
    • When to Use Two-Factor Authentication
    • Authenticator Apps
  • Use Good Passwords
    • Password Managers
  • To-Do List
  • Next Steps

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