Last fall I wrote a post about Pogoplug, a device that allows you to access files from the internet, without actually storing anything on the internet.

Given the continuing discussion about cloud storage security, including Dropbox, AirDropper, and Wuala, I wanted to take another look at Pogoplug.

Pogoplug does not store files in the cloud

Pogoplug turns a “regular” USB hard drive into a hard drive accessible through the internet. Connect a hard drive to Pogoplug, and connect Pogoplug to your internet router with an ethernet cable (or wirelessly with the Pogoplug wireless adapter) and you can now access your hard drive online.

This is distinctively different from cloud-based storage. Although the files you access through Pogoplug’s web interface pass through the company’s servers, they do not remain there. With other cloud-based storage, your files sit on the company’s servers.

Is Pogoplug more secure?

In theory, yes. Your files stay on your hard drive. They have to migrate through Pogoplug’s servers to get to your internet browser, but that is it. The company says that the only data they store is your email address (which allows you to access the web interface).

Obviously, if someone gets your Pogoplug password, it poses the same risk as someone getting ahold of your Dropbox password. If you are careless with passwords, you will always have security issues.

Cheaper in the long run

Pogoplug is also cheaper at a one-time cost of $99. The device has three USB ports (I think), which means you can plug in up to three different external hard drives. You can also purchase a Wi-Fi adapter for $29, rather than plugging into an ethernet jack.

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  1. Winston Ouaho says:

    I use both a Pogoplug and Dropbox and I have to say that while I really want to like my Pogoplug it is not very reliable. It is great when it is working but I still use Dropbox for my files that I must be able to access at all times. That said, having a Pogoplug for music, pictures and video is great as long as you don’t mind it going offline from time to time.

    I recommend that you use both of them together. has pogoplugs cheap right now.

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