The Pogo Sketch+ is the best-value iPad stylus I have seen. It isn’t necessarily the best for writing (that is probably the Wacom Bamboo Stylus) or for drawing (I love the Cosmonaut), but it’s a great all-around stylus for a very reasonable price.

What I like about the Pogo Sketch+

First, the price. The Pogo Sketch+ is just $14.95 from the manufacturer. If it ever goes up for sale on Amazon, expect to get it for less than $10. (The Boxwave and Griffin have similar MSRPs, but go for under $10 on Amazon.) So it’s not the most inexpensive stylus, but isn’t cheap-as-in-crappy, either.

Second, I love the writing tip of the Sketch+. It’s not quite the same rubbery material as nearly every other stylus I have reviewed. It feels slightly different, and it slides more freely over the iPad’s surface. Maybe the only difference is the perforated tip, but I think it is actually a different material.

The Sketch+ also has the smallest tip of the styli I have tested, not counting the Logiix Stylus Diamond, which has a weird composite tip. This makes it easier to see what you are doing, and easier to connect up your lines. The thinness continues up the barrel, which makes the Sketch+ small enough to fold into many iPad cases.

What I don’t like about the Pogo Sketch+

Weight is a feature in a good pen, but the Sketch+, like most of the cheap-but-not-crappy styli, doesn’t have any. It weighs little more than the aluminum shaft, so it is nearly weightless.

Thickness is also important. A thicker pen is easier to write with than a pen that disappears between your fingers. The Sketch+ is the opposite of thick. A pencil is more substantial.

These aren’t dealbreakers, especially considering the price. The Sketch+ is still a great value, and worth having in your go bag. Plus, it’s not so expensive that you will be devastated if you lose it or break it (although it doesn’t seem easy to break). The Pogo Sketch+ is definitely the best-value iPad stylus I have seen or reviewed.


Pogo Sketch+

Reviewed by Sam Glover on .

Summary: The Pogo Sketch+ is the best-value iPad stylus I have seen or reviewed. Definitely worth adding to your go bag.

Score: 5 (out of 5)

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  1. Uzo says:

    I have not yet seen a good stylus. Apple made the iPad just for finger-use. I have ended up not using the notebook applications.

    Apple just needs to give us a good one/make an iPad with that capability. Lenovo has that. I hope their next iPad can meet this need. I would take that capability instead of the retina display because it would give me more use.

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