Podcast #83: Attendees of TBD Law

For this week’s podcast, Sam talked with several attendees of the inaugural edition of TBD Law, a first-of-its-kind gathering of innovation-minded lawyers sponsored by Lawyerist and Filament.

The ABA Report on the Future of Legal Services

Recently, the ABA released its report on the future of legal services. Sam noted that it highlighted the problems that solosmall attorneys already know are problems: the access to justice gap, that a large number of people don’t even understand when they need an attorney, and the profession’s resistance to technological experiments.

Aaron pointed out that we don’t have to wait for the ABA to form yet another committee to study these issues, because taking action is much better than having more committee work, and the participants at TBD Law were already devising solutions to many of these problems. People left TBD with plans to leverage technology to solve more client needs, increase their document automation, figure out ways to unbundle legal services, and much more.

The Future of the Profession, with the Attendees of TBD Law

Participants in TBD Law participated in a multi-hour hackathon where they had to imagine and invent the future of law. Aaron said that by the end of those few hours, people had managed to code working software, develop new business models, and film full-fledged pitch videos.

TBD Logo

Sam found that TBD Law made him realize that lawyers don’t spend enough time just talking to other lawyers about law practice and the business of law. By picking a group of innovative practitioners, however, those conversations happen because all the great ideas are already in the room.

TBD Law didn’t actually decide what the future of law practice will look like, but Sam is confident that Lawyerist and Filament have started to bring together the lawyers who will figure it out first.

Throughout the two days of TBD Law, Sam asked several of the attendees to tell him one thing about the practice of law that would be different in 10 years and one thing that would be the same. Here are some of the great answers he got.

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