Podcast #81: The Dark Web, with Mark Lanterman

This week, Sam talks with computer forensics expert Mark Lanterman about the dark web and the latest trends in law firm security breaches.

Solosmall Lawyers are Getting Happier, at Least in Minnesota

Last week, Aaron presented at the Minnesota Strategic Solutions for Solo and Small Firms Conference. He talked about the findings of an economic survey of solosmall firm lawyers in Minnesota. One of the most interesting takeaways he found was that over the last five to ten years, solosmall attorneys are actually getting happier.

Sam looked it up–65% of solosmall lawyers said they are mostly or very satisfied with their job, which is comparable to other professions.

On a less sunny note, while the overall health of the solosmall slice of the market in Minnesota is improving, this isn’t necessarily true for young lawyers, who are graduating with student loan burdens that are unsustainable for most solosmall practitioners. Interestingly, many older attorneys simply didn’t know that it was that hard for today’s new lawyers to graduate without crippling levels of debt.

The Dark Web, with Mark Lanterman

Mark Lanterman

Mark Lanterman is the chief technology officer of Computer Forensic Services. Before starting CFS, Mark was a sworn investigator for the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force and acted as its senior computer forensic analyst. He has provided expert witness testimony in over 2,000 proceedings.

Mark has spoken at the Minnesota Criminal Justice Institute, the Minnesota Employment Law Institute, the Minnesota Intellectual Property Institute, the Minnesota Family Law Institute, the Minnesota Private Investigators Conference, the Minnesota Judicial Conference, the North Dakota Judicial Conference, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators, the American Society for Industrial Security, Hamline Law School, and the University of Minnesota Law School. He conducts over forty CLE classes annually.

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