Podcast #73: Paul Floyd on How to Leave a Firm in a Small Town

This week, Sam chats with Paul Floyd, a lawyer who advises solosmall attorneys about business issues, about how an attorney can leave a small firm in a small town and do so on good terms. Aaron and Sam also discussed how everyday things like keycards and paper checks can be far less secure than you think they are.

Hotel Keycards and Paper Checks Present Unexpected Security Risks

Last week, Aaron attended the first day of the Minnesota State Bar convention, where he heard a talk from Mark Lanterman of Computer Forensic Services. Mark had several cybersecurity horror stories, including one Aaron hadn’t encountered before: some hotel room keycards actually store your name, credit card number, expiration date, and checkout date right on the magnetic strip of the keycard. That data can then be read on any mag reader.

Aaron also mentioned that he had recently read a piece by Felix Salmon where he gave his bank routing number and his checking account number—available on the front of every paper check you write—to a friend to see if she could use that information to extract money from his bank account. Armed with only that information, she was able to log on to her American Express account and pay off her balance with Felix’s money.

How to Leave a Small Firm in a Small Town on Good Terms, with Paul Floyd

Paul Floyd is a partner at Wallen-Friedman & Floyd, P.A. Paul is known as a “lawyer’s lawyer” because he provides practical and legal advice to solosmall attorneys about business issues, including strategic planning, succession planning, governance structure, and lawyer departure issues. He also represents small business owners in a number of industries.

Paul is President-Elect of the Hennepin County Bar Association

You can follow Paul on LinkedIn.

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