Podcast #72: Joshua Lenon on Fly-by-Night Legal Tech

On this week’s podcast, Sam talks with Joshua Lenon, lawyer in residence at Clio, about how to assess legal technology through four lenses: price, user base, the interactivity of the company with the legal field, and responsiveness. Sam also talks about how to properly contextualize news about software security problems when that news is often poorly reported.

Beware of Sensationalized Reporting about Software Security Issues

Sam recently ran across an intriguing news story where computer security researchers figured out that you could decrypt files by listening to a computer because the electronic pulses your machine makes can give away the encryption scheme. However, to make this exploit work, a parabolic microphone or a cell phone needs to sit (quite suspiciously) near your computer for a long time. It’s a cool experiment, but not a real security risk.

Similarly, Sam talked about a recent story about KeePass, a popular password manager. News reports stated that KeePass was insecure, but the actual exploit was not nearly as big a deal as the reports made it out to be. In theory, KeePass can be compromised when you update the program because a third party could fool you into thinking you’re downloading the proper update when you are really downloading malicious software. However, a careful reading of the story showed that simply paying attention to the Windows dialog box that asks if you want to install KeePass will allow you to be sure that the update is legitimate.

How to Spot Fly-by-Night Legal Tech, with Joshua Lenon

Joshua Lenon

Joshua Lenon is an attorney admitted to the New York Bar. He holds a J.D. and a Certificate in International and Comparative Law from St. Louis University. He also studied European Union Law at the University of Georgia School of Law’s Brussels Legal Seminar. Currently, Joshua serves as the lawyer in residence for Clio, a cloud-based practice management platform. As the lawyer in residence, Joshua provides internal guidance, thought leadership, legal scholarship, and assistance with product development and compliance issues.

You can follow Joshua on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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