Podcast #66: What It Means to Have a “Human” Practice, with Julie Tolek

Sam and Julie Tolek chat about what it means to be a solo lawyer and how to create a brand experience that doesn’t intimidate clients. Julie also tells us about how she manages her client tasks and what it takes to maintain a work-life balance in the legal field.

Flat-Rate Billing May Be Unethical, and You Can Now Bill Clients for Unpaid Labor

Is it unethical for a lawyer to not track their time? A recent Kansas Supreme court ruling says it is. Sam and Aaron tell us what this blanket judgement means for lawyers who have chosen to adopt flat-rate billing in lieu of tracking their time. (Hint: You probably should be tracking your time just to be safe.)

In other legal news, you can now bill clients for using unpaid legal interns. Aaron and Sam determined that this decision is absurd.

What It Means to Have a “Human” Practice, with Julie Tolek

317a9e62-llksx1tq03lhfaey2qv95d5q9hog9k3mzpr1bg54tc-mneix2843utdtjjy8svwpbrewhomjkf5kj9gkn1h28A geek by nature, Julie started her own technology consulting and education company, Mac Girl Consulting, in 2008 after she left Apple to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer. In law school, Julie earned the privilege of becoming an Academic Excellence Honors Fellow where she worked with struggling first year law students as a mentor and coach, teaching them the art of being a law student, including life and time management skills, and legal analysis and writing skills. Follow her on Twitter and Linkedin, and check out her human law practice Think Pink Law.

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