Podcast #59: David Zvenyach on Should Lawyers Learn to Code?

David Zvenyach discusses the reasons lawyers should consider learning to code. But first, Carolyn Elefant asks whether lawyers should shed bar association dues as an unnecessary expense?

Are Your Bar Association Dues An Unnecessary Expense?

Carolyn Elefant poses the question:

Bar Association Dues For lawyers who practice in multiple jurisdictions, the cost of mandatory and voluntary bar memberships — ABA, state and local bar and practice-spec[i]fic bars – can easily add up to $1500/year. And unfortunately, many of these membership fees are an unnecessary expense.

This obviously doesn’t apply to mandatory bar memberships, but Carolyn seems to be suggesting that it might be a good idea to drop your bar membership if it isn’t giving you enough value. So is it? We aren’t sure that’s the right way to look at it.

Why Lawyers Should Learn to Code, with V. David Zvenyach


David Zvenyach is a lawyer and legal hacker (and in his day job with 18F, a government hacker) who thinks learning to code can help lawyers expand the toolkit they use to deliver legal services. He also built Coding for Lawyers with the goal of opening the world of coding to lawyers who might not even attempt to learn.

You can find David on his website, on Twitter, and on GitHub.

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