Podcast #50: Adriana Linares on Technology Training

Adriana Linares trains lawyers to use technology, but she often has to back up and teach basic skills. In this episode, she goes over some of those basic skills and how to master them. The second tip alone is worth the download. Before that, Aaron gushes about Making a Murderer. If you’re watching, too, discuss the show with us in the Lab.

Making a Murderer

Basically, says Aaron, if you aren’t watching it, what are you waiting for?

If you don’t regularly visit our discussion forum, the Lab, you should. But you should especially drop in if you want a place to discuss Making a Murderer with other lawyers. While you are there, vote on our latest poll (this week’s poll is about password management)

Stuff You Should Know About Computers but Probably Don’t, with Adriana Linares


This episode contains 9 basic technology skills that, one way or another, may have eluded you. Not because you are dumb or particularly dense, but because, for whatever reason, you just didn’t catch on to something.

By the way, even though we are calling these basic, you will probably learn something no matter how skilled you are.

In addition to these tips, Adriana drops one really important piece of advice: if you are doing something on a computer and you find yourself thinking there’s gotta be an easier way to do this, there probably is. So if you’ve got one of those questions, go ask it. Try the Lab, for example. Don’t keep wasting time if there’s an easier way.

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