Podcast #43: Peter Carayiannis on Innovative Law Practice

What does an innovative law firm look like? According to Peter Carayiannis, whose firm, Conduit Law, has been twice nominated for an innovative law-firm award, it’s less about technology and more about clients. And you know what, it’s not your fault that you can’t encrypt your email. Stop trying and just use a secure portal.

Email Encryption is Practically Impossible

From BuzzFeed:

The study gave 10 pairs of people up to 45 minutes to encrypt, send, decrypt, and read a message via Mailvelope[, software that is supposed to make email encryption easy]. Only one subject pair was able to complete the task, and it took them the full 45 minutes; in addition, this pair had some previous familiarity with PGP encryption, unlike the rest of the subjects. In other words: The software was nearly impossible for a novice to use.

In other other words, email encryption is impractical. Even the experts get it wrong, and there’s no chance the ethics rules require you to be an high-level security expert just so you can communicate with your clients. Besides, those people screw it up, too.

But you’re not off the hook entirely when it comes to encryption. Encrypting your hard drive and your Internet connection are trivially easy. You still need to do that. Just use a secure portal for confidential communication instead of email.

What An Innovative Law Firm Really Looks Like


When the word innovation is used in relation to law, it usually conjures up images of high-tech solutions to old-fashioned legal problems. But Conduit Law has been nominated twice for an innovation award, and you might be surprised at the technology it uses. That’s not to say technology is irrelevant. Conduit Law is powered by technology — it just doesn’t have anything to do with whiz-bang gadgets and artificial intelligence. The innovation is mostly in the business model, which is driven by what clients want and need.

Listen to the podcast to find out what that looks like.

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