Podcast #41: Josh Camson on the Shingle Life

Josh Camson reflects on nearly six years of law practice and the column he wrote when he was just starting out: “The Shingle Life.” Plus, Sam and Aaron break down Net Promoter Score, the closest you’ll get to a magic number for growing your law practice.

Breaking Down Net Promoter Score

Surveying your current and former clients is a great way to figure out whether you are doing a good job, but it’s also kind of a pain in the ass. But it turns out you only need to ask one question to get a really good idea of how well you are doing at inspiring client loyalty.

Net Promoter Score is as close as you are going to get to a magic number for your law practice, and on today’s podcast we break it down and talk about how to use it.

Reflecting on the Shingle Life, with Josh Camson


Almost three years ago, Josh Camson started “The Shingle Life”, a column-slash-journal of his experiences hanging out his shingle and starting a law practice with his business partner, Erick Rigby. This week, Josh looks back and talks about what he knows now that he didn’t know the, and what he might do differently if he had the chance.

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