Podcast #31: Shantelle Argyle on Non-Profit Law Firms

Shantelle Argyle has a non-profit law firm, something many people talk about but few attempt. Well, the non-profit firm Argyle co-founded doesn’t just work, it’s flourishing. Find out more on today’s podcast after we talk about the ridiculous disconnect between law and science — and by the way, should trials be held virtually?

The Disconnect Between Law and Science

Insane doesn’t mean what the legal system thinks it means. Eyewitness testimony is often worthless. Latent bias has more to do with the outcomes of trials than anyone wants to admit. These are just a few examples of the disconnect between law and science mentioned in a recent article in Wired.

We talked about these problems, and also about one of the proposed solutions: virtual trials, which could eliminate the effect of bias by presenting a jury with neutral avatars in place of the judge, parties, and lawyers.

Shantelle Argyle’s Non-Profit Law Firm


Shantelle Argyle is one of the founders of Open Legal Services, a non-profit law firm in Utah that represents clients who fall into the access to justice gap — those with incomes starting at 125% of the federal poverty line. All clients are represented on a sliding scale, from $60–145 per hour — numbers that allow the non-profit to fund itself through legal fees.


In this episode, Argyle talks about what it takes to start a non-profit law firm, how OLS has become profitable and grown from two lawyers to six in less than two years. She breaks down the fee schedule works, and explains how to go about starting a non-profit law firm of your own.

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