Podcast #248: Hiring on Values & Unscheduled Phone Calls, with Ben Hudson

Ben Hudson made a hire for his small firm that really didn’t work out. So he went back to the drawing board on his hiring process. He took the time to outline his core values and build a thoughtful, slow-moving hiring process around them to make sure his replacement was the right person.

Ben doesn’t take unscheduled calls, either, because it’s better for him and his clients.

Ben Hudson

Ben Hudson

Ben is a lawyer for small and medium-sized businesses and their owners in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He started his own law firm in order to build an efficient, well-defined law firm business with thoughtful processes and systems. Ben works with his wife, Allison, which could be the topic of an entire podcast episode of its own, and they have four awesome kids together.

You can follow Ben on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

These are Ben’s core values that he uses in hiring:

  • Candor
  • Reliability
  • Evolving
  • Drive

Read Ben’s blog post, “How I Stopped Taking Unscheduled Calls.”


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