Podcast #246: Small Firm Profile, with Justie Nicol

In this episode with Justie Nicol, we talk about her transition from a solo to small firm, KPIs, and her Harry Potter-style House Cup system.

Justie Nicol

Justie Nicol

Justie a proud mom of one toddler, three #OfficeDogs, an #OfficeCat and an #OfficeHorse (it’s totally a thing), and in her “spare time” she owns and runs two companies: a commercial property management co. that has been in her family for almost 70 years, and a new legal partnership with a good friend from law school, Nicol Gersch Law, doing criminal defense work in Colorado.

Her goal is to help make big proponents of law understandable for her clients, helping them to address the underlying issues that gave rise to the alleged criminal behavior, and ensuring that a good legal defense doesn’t bankrupt them in the process.  She also loves teaching other lawyers how to be better lawyers (courtroom AND practice side of things).

Justie doesn’t have a desk drawer, but she does have a customized decal for her Lawyerist Productivity journal that says “Get Shit Done” which she proudly displays. 

You can follow Justie on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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