Podcast #223: Legal Tech Debrief: Avvo, with Mark Britton

In this episode with Mark Britton, we talk about how he started Avvo, his vision for the company, and how it changed over the years. Mark also shares his thoughts on rating lawyers and how he would advise the next startup hoping to rate lawyers.

Mark Britton

Mark Britton Headshot
Mark Britton

Mark is the founder and former CEO of Podcast #223: Legal Tech Debrief: Avvo, with Mark Britton the world’s largest community for legal guidance and services. Prior to founding Avvo, Mark was the executive vice president of Worldwide Corporate Affairs of InterActiveCorp Travel (IACT) and Expedia, Inc. (NSDQ: EXPE).

Currently, Mark spends as much time as possible with his family and then takes on small projects that relate to investing and advisory work as a Strategic Director at Madrona Venture Group. With Avvo’s success, Mark regularly speaks around the country on technology, consumer and legal issues.

Mark’s favorite quote is from Albert Einstein:

“Everything in life should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

You can follow Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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