Podcast #222: Doing Even More with Less Time, with Allison Shields

In this episode with Allison Shields, we pick up where left off in Episode #22, talking about productivity mindset, delegation, and how better organization sets lawyers up for success.

Allison Shields

allison shields headshot for The Lawyerist Podcast episode about personal productivity
Allison Shields

Allison Shields helps lawyers create more productive, profitable, and enjoyable law practices. She works with lawyers on the business side of their practices. She builds marketing and business development skills to help lawyers identify and attract the right clients. And she helps lawyers improve processes, operations, billing, and productivity, which improved client services.

Allison wants to help lawyers enjoy the practice of law again and to help the profession to retain good lawyers rather than losing them to burnout or overwhelm.

Allison shares her hard-earned wisdom:

There’s no such thing as perfect. You need to know when good enough is good enough. You’re no good to your clients, your family, or anyone else if you’re burned out.

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Show Notes

Right now, Allison is working on a series of webinars on essential business and communications skills for lawyers and will be starting a series of online courses on how lawyers can use LinkedIn more effectively.


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