Podcast #220: Should You Start Your Law Firm as a B Corp?, with Kim Pray and Kate Kilberg

In this episode with Kim and Kate, we talk about B Corporations, including what they are, what problem Kim and Kate were trying to solve that they couldn’t with a regular corporation, and what they know now about B Corps that they wish they had known when they first started their law firm.

Kimberly Pray and Kate Kilberg

Kate Kilberg and Kimberly Pray are the managing partners and founders of Catalyst Law LLC, a boutique law firm and certified B Corp specializing in social enterprise, philanthropy, trusts and estates, business, taxation, and nonprofit law.

With an advanced degree in taxation and an interdisciplinary background in law, business, and non-profits, Kimberly’s practice includes taxation, estate planning, trust and estate administration, and advising businesses, tax-exempt organizations, and social enterprises.

Kate’s practice focuses on non-profit and tax-exempt organizations, social enterprise and impact investing, philanthropy, and complex estate planning and administration.

You can follow Kate on Twitter and LinkedIn and Kimberly on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

Check out our post on Law Practice Incubators where we talk about B Corps.

You can also learn more about B Corporations here.

For lawyers with clients interested in the legal accountability requirement, you will find information to get started here.


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