Podcast #216: Free Law Project & the PACER Litigation, with Mike Lissner

In this episode with Mike Lissner, we talk about the pending PACER lawsuit, monopolies in law, and what the Free Law Project is. We also talk with Mike about why open access to law matters to innovation and access to justice as well as a few ways that courts can help.

Mike Lissner

Mike Lissner Headshot

Michael Lissner is the executive director of Free Law Project, which he co-founded in 2013 as a non-profit dedicated to making the legal system more competitive and fair. In this role, he works with researchers, journalists, individuals, and organizations to improve and interpret the legal system.

Prior to starting Free Law Project, Michael was a student at the School of Information at University of California, Berkeley, where he created the first version of CourtListener.com as his capstone project, and where he focused on technology law and policy.

Michael has walked from Mexico to Canada, biked the length of California, and walked the length of New Zealand. Michael is not a lawyer.

One piece of wisdom that Mike would like to share is: “Effort beats ideas every time. Share ideas and work hard.”

You can follow Mike on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

Learn more about the Free Law Project here.


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