Podcast #214: How Law Schools Can Teach Innovation, with Alice Armitage

In this episode with Alice Armitage, we talk about what today’s landscape looks like when law schools teach technology and innovation, and what role they have in solving the access to justice gap. Alice shares a vision of what “practice-ready” and “think like a lawyer” means today and what they could mean in the future.

Alice Armitage

Alice Armitage is a professor and the Director of Applied Innovation at UC Hastings Law School, where she oversees two innovative programs based in San Francisco. The first is the Startup Legal Garage, which allows students to provide free legal services to early-stage tech startups under the supervision of Bay Area practicing attorneys. The second is LexLab, an innovation hub for legal tech that includes a concentration in law and technology for our students, a speaker and meetup series for the overall legal tech community, and an on-campus go-to-market accelerator for legal tech startups.

Someone Alice looks up to is Alice in Wonderland, because she found wonder and magic down the rabbit hole.

You can follow Alice on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

Alice is currently working on setting up a multi-day event called Hack Homelessness next fall that will seek technology solutions for some of the legal issues of the homeless population in San Francisco.


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