Podcast #211: The Innovative Lawyer Mindset, with Cat Moon

In this episode with Cat Moon, we talk about how to achieve basic design competence, some lessons Cat has learned about innovation and design, and what role law schools can or should have in solving problems like access to justice.

Cat Moon

Cat Moon Headshot

Caitlin “Cat” Moon is the Director of Innovation Design for the Program in Law and Innovation (PoLI) at Vanderbilt Law School, where she works with faculty and collaborators from other disciplines to design new PoLI curriculum offerings for JD students. Most recently she launched the PoLI Institute, which offers deep dives through immersion workshops into the tools, methods, and processes of innovation. Cat also works with others across the legal spectrum to design and implement strategic innovation and change management initiatives.

Cat’s primary goal is to bring the mindsets and tools of innovation—best practices if you will—to the legal profession so that we can do better and be better.

A motto that Cat lives by is, “Replace fear with curiosity.”

You can follow Cat on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

You can keep up with Cat and her team’s current projects here.


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