Podcast #210: Rules for Communication in a Remote Workplace, with Ben Balter

In this episode with Ben Balter, we talk about GitHub’s rules for communication and knowledge management.

During the show, we mentioned Greg Siskind’s website. Check it out here.

Be sure to read GitHub’s rules for communication—the inspiration for this podcast—right here.

Ben Balter

Ben Balter Headshot

Ben Balter is the Senior Manager of Product Management at GitHub, the world’s largest software development network. He oversees the platform’s Community and Safety efforts for more than 100 million software projects. Simply put, Ben builds systems that empower open source software maintainers to grow inclusive and healthy communities around their projects, ensuring that users don’t have to risk their privacy or personal safety to participate in the open source community.

You can follow Ben on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

An old project of Ben’s that is now coming to light relates to his entire pre-GitHub professional career in U.S. federal government IT policy and implementation.

During this time, Ben and his team had some high-profile wins, like the White House choosing to publish its Open Data Policy as a living, collaborative document to which any citizen could contribute. More recently, and something personally special to Ben as a D.C. resident, they saw a citizen propose a change to the D.C. code through a pull request, which was ultimately accepted.

“The revolution will be forked.”


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