Podcast #207: Better Risk Assessment for Litigators, with Natalie Worsfold

In this episode with Natalie Worsfold, we talk about her law firm’s approach to law practice, and why more firms aren’t following suit. We start by asking Natalie what problem Counter Tax was trying to solve, then explore how they solved it, what their solution does now, and the plans they have to evolve and grow their solution.

Natalie Worsfold

Natalie Worsfold Headshot

Natalie Worsfold is a part of Counter Tax Lawyers, where she leads Counter’s process innovation and helps to optimize all of Counter’s systems, processes, and tools so they can think deeper and work smarter. She is also the co-creator of CounterMeasure, a litigation analysis tool that helps lawyers win cases. Natalie’s goal is to build a better and smarter way to analyze and resolve disputes so clients can make better litigation decisions.

A motto or saying that has saved Natalie’s life is: “It could have been worse.”

“My dad used to race cars and he would have these horrific accidents. The first thing he would say afterward was ‘Well, it could have been worse!’ I think it is part of the reason I’m not afraid to give things a try and see what happens.”

You can follow Natalie on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

Natalie is the lead designer for Counter Tax’s litigation software, CounterMeasure. CounterMeasure combines legal judgment and expertise with analytics and automation to empower lawyers and clients to make better litigation decisions. Counter Tax launched the tax module with their litigation team in 2018 and they are currently building a new module for commercial launch in 2019.


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