Podcast #206: Helping Clients Afford to Hire You, with Jennifer Longtin

In this episode with Jennifer Longtin, we talk about her criminal defense practice, including her business model and client portfolio, why implementing low-cost options for clients doesn’t mean you will be less profitable, and how to have reasonable conversations about money with clients.

Jennifer Longtin

Jennifer Longtin Headshot

Jennifer Longtin is a criminal defense attorney who focuses her practice on mental health-related criminal defense—meaning that she helps both families of defendants, and defendants themselves, to explore issues related to mental health in their criminal case, and to help them through what is often a very difficult process.

Her firm, JLongtin Law, is entirely criminal defense-oriented, but also strives to address the access to justice gap through its reduced rate CARe program.

One piece of wisdom Jennifer would like to share is this: Awareness changes everything. When you strive to bring awareness to an area of your business or life, it fundamentally changes how you do that thing and can be the starting point for great and wonderful change.

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

Jennifer Longtin is currently is Lawyerist Lab, and is working to implement a variety of new things in her practice (which turns five on May 1st, 2019!).

One of her projects is developing a few flat fee and limited scope programs around representing people in mental health-related cases, as well as DUI’s and a legal coaching option similar to Erin Gerstenzang’s.

A couple of books Jennifer thinks everyone should read are:

  • Business: Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It
  • Personal: Still Life With Woodpecker


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