Podcast #197: How Happy Employees Lead to Happy Clients, with Tracey Ivanyshyn

In this episode with Tracey Ivanyshyn, we talk about what makes employees happy, and how happy employees lead to happier clients.

Tracey Ivanyshyn

Tracey Ivanyshyn Headshot

Tracey Ivanyshyn is the President and CEO at UPLevel, a business providing customer care, financial care, and business process outsourcing solutions in North America and beyond. Tracey is known for creating a unique culture among her growing ‘work family’, and focusing on gratitude as a corporate mission. Incorporating motion meetings and tread desks in all work environments and launching “Happiness Advantage” initiatives are just a few distinctions that have earned the company two nominations for Canada’s 10 Most Admired Cultures and a spot on Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies List by Profit Magazine.

You can follow Tracey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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