Podcast #19: Ernie Svenson on Going Paperless

According to Ernie Svenson, either you already are paperless or you just haven’t committed to it, yet. If you haven’t committed, you are just wasting resources maintaining two systems: one for your paper files and and one for your digital clients files.

This week Sam and Aaron also talk about why you should never use hotel Wi-Fi without a VPN.

Hotel Wi-Fi

Seriously. Hotels, airports, coffee shops, and even courthouses are the places someone is most likely to be snooping on your browsing. Our assistant editor, Holden, actually saw someone sniffing packets at a public library the other day. This is not uncommon. Find out what recommend to keep your (and your clients’) private information private.

Ernie Svenson’s Tips for Going Paperless


If you are wondering how to get started going paperless, today’s podcast will answer most of your questions. Ernie Svenson talks with Sam about objections and advantages, and explains why you have almost certainly already started going paperless even if you don’t realize it. The trick now is to commit to it.

Ernie addresses PDF software, and why you should probably get Acrobat, as well as other gear for the paperless law office. Plus tips, tricks, and what to do with old files.

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  1. Avatar MLSandler says:

    I have the same pet peeve!! Know the correct names of the products on your desktop!

  2. Avatar Alex says:

    Nice discussion. I thought I was paperless because I have a scanned copy of everything. But if I’m not using OCR or upping my PDF game, I’m leaving most of the benefit on the table.

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