Podcast #189: Blockchain 101 for Lawyers, with Nathana Sharma

In this episode with Nathana Sharma, we talk about what blockchain is, what it does, why it is so interesting, and what it has to do with the legal industry.


Nathana is a writer and speaker focused on the intersection between the impact of emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine-brain interfaces & law, policy, and ethics. She is faculty at Singularity University and is working to build a vibrant international community among Singularity University’s global network of adjunct faculty.

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  1. Avatar Paul S. says:

    This was an interesting podcast, and I’ve been curious about the topic, so very timely. One thing I’ve been wondering about, and I don’t recall it being addressed clearly, was whether blockchain and cryptocurrency (or tokens, or whatever) necessarily go together. Can you have blockchain without the cryptocurrency, for example with maintaining shareholder lists for a public company?

    • Sam Glover Sam G. says:

      We tried to make that clear, but no, blockchain and cryptocurrency don’t necessarily go together. The blockchain is the ledger. You can keep track of whatever information you want to on the ledger, whether it’s Bitcoin transactions or shipping crate locations or digital files.

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