Podcast #188: The Key to Better Family Relationships, with Jim Sheils

In this episode, we talk with Jim Sheils about why family sometimes falls to the wayside as a busy working professional, and how to balance success at work with success at home. We also talk about a few ideas you can implement in your family and work life to help keep a balance between the two.

You can get Jim’s book, The Family Board Meeting here. An updated version of the book will be out later this summer and will expand the language and application of the original book to make it accessible for everyone.

Jim Sheils

Jim Sheils is dedicated to fixing the epidemic of entrepreneurs and busy working professionals with broken homes, by teaching parents how to reconnect with their spouse and children, and hold that connection forever. His goal is to provide a simple, easily implemented framework to help working parents focus and implement where it really counts, at home. One book Jim thinks everyone should read is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

You can connect with Jim on LinkedIn.

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