Podcast #185: Acting Like a Law Firm Owner, with Jordan Furlong

In this week’s episode, Sam talks with Jordan Furlong about the difference between owning a law firm and working for one, and why that may be the single biggest explanation for why some law firms can’t seem to get out of their own way.

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Jordan Furlong

Jordan Furlong Headshot

Jordan Furlong analyzes trends in the legal marketplace and advises legal organizations about how to adapt to new competitive conditions. His goal is to help make the legal market more effective, accessible, and satisfying for all its participants. One saying that has saved Jordan’s life is, “Don’t drink that.” Jordan is currently teaching an online course called “21st-Century Legal Services” for the Suffolk University Law School’s Legal Innovation & Technology Program.

You can follow Jordan on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. Avatar Paul S. says:

    I’m partly through this interesting episode (longer than my commute), and I agree with most of it. But where on earth did you guys come up with the notion that business owners don’t routinely think they can handle legal issues without lawyers? Nothing could be farther from the truth. I routinely have to deal with frankensteined contracts that some business guy worked up himself from some hot mess he found on the internet. Or I have to unravel a situation that a business guy tried to deal with himself (or just ignored), instead of bringing in legal right away. Or how about the startup founder that uses Clerky to set up his corporation, never signs any of the post-incorporation documents, and then issues more stock than the company is authorized to have?

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