Podcast #181: Legal Bots for Your Law Practice, with Tom Martin

In this episode with Tom Martin, we talk about the chatbot fad, and how we are starting to see chatbots being implemented, and not just as gimmicks. Tom helps us understand when you should use a simple form over a chatbot, and how to make room for users to tell their story with these tools.

See examples of Tom’s LawDroid bots working in these law firm websites:

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Tom Martin

Tom Martin Headshot

Tom Martin is the founder and CEO of LawDroid Ltd.—a bot development and consulting company for the legal industry. As a legal bot advocate, lawyer, author, and speaker, Tom’s goal is to help modernize the legal industry to make lawyers’ lives easier and to improve customer’s experience of the law. Tom’s childhood heroes are his mom and dad, whose belief in the promise of possibility allowed him to dream.

You can keep up with Tom on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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