Podcast #17: Ken White on Popehat and Building a Successful Firm

Ken White and his partner started his firm with rented desks and unreliable phones and built their firm to around a dozen lawyers today. Meanwhile, he became a champion of free speech by defending bloggers threatened by censorious douchebags. He also reveals the secret of the name Popehat.

Sam & Aaron start out today’s show by talking about legal hacking, about which Aaron is a little confused and Sam is pretty interested.

Legal Hacking

Sam is automatically interested in anything to do with law and hacking, while Aaron is more of a skeptic. Today they try to get their heads around the nascent legal hacker movement based on Sam’s experiences at ABA TECHSHOW and at the Law Schools, Technology & Access to Law conference at the UMKC School of Law.

Ken White on Building a Law Firm and a First-Amendment Practice


Ken White lives two parallel lives. Offline, he is a criminal defense lawyer at his firm, Brown, White & Osborn, LLC. Online, he is an outspoken blogger, often on the First Amendment, and a champion of bloggers threatened by censorious douchebags.

On today’s podcast, Ken talks about how he helped build a successful law firm from rented desks and unreliable phones. He also talks about his blogging at Popehat and his pro bono practice representing bloggers. And for we think the first time, Ken publicly reveals the inside joke behind the name Popehat.

Thanks to William Howard Taft University and Ruby Receptionists and for sponsoring this episode.

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  1. Avatar Alex says:

    Nice! Can’t wait to hear from Popehat

  2. Avatar Elizabeth Van Horn says:

    Ok, listening to hear Ken White’s voice. Hmm, not bad. *laughing*

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