Podcast #16: Daniel Gershburg on the Future of SoloSmall Practice

Daniel Gershburg has a real estate and bankruptcy practice in transition, so he is trying to figure out what the future of law practice looks like for solo and small-firm lawyers. As he puts it “I wanted to see who was going to eat my lunch.”

Plus, Aaron and Sam talk about their 2015 ABA TECHSHOW experience.

Note: Sam sounds a little different in the intro because he forgot to plug in his fancy mic. It’s not terrible, but you’ll probably notice. He’s sorry.

ABA TECHSHOW 2015 Debrief1

Sam and Aaron break down what they saw at ABA TECHSHOW 2015, including the maturation of cloud-based practice management software and the explosion of new options. They also talk a bit more about diversity at the conference. Some other software they discuss include cloud-based bankruptcy software, NextChapterBK, and document automation software, Smokeball.

And that probably wraps up our ABA TECHSHOW 2015 coverage, but if you are craving more, go ahead and listen to these interviews with Jeena Cho and Keith Lee:

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Daniel Gershburg on the Future of SoloSmall Practice


After losing an associate and being forced to re-jigger his law practice, Daniel Gershburg set out to find out how to survive the next 10–15 years of law practice. As part of that, he talked to a number of people who are thinking about that (including Sam) and published the interviews. On today’s podcast, Dan talks about what he learned, and what he’s doing to future-proof his real estate and bankruptcy practice.

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