Podcast #12: Ellie Krug on Litigating as Both a Man and as a Woman

Google is going to start directly penalizing websites that aren’t mobile device–friendly. We explain why this is important. Also, in its secret labs Google is learning to tell whether you are lying or not. Just something else to worry about. Then, in this week’s interview, Ellie Krug has a lot of interesting things to say about starting a law firm, building a strong reputation, trying cases — and yes, trying cases as a man, then after coming out as a woman.

It’s Time You Had a Mobile Website

In just a few weeks, Google wills start penalizing mobile-unfriendly websites. I know, I know, this sounds like another wonky SEO thing. It’s not. Aaron and I spend a little time talking about why, if you care about your clients, you should make sure your website is well-designed and mobile-friendly.

Google’s Lie Detector

This seems crazy, I know, but Google is working on a way to “allow factual validity to contribute more heavily to a page’s search ranking.” That’s pretty cool.

Interview: Ellie Krug


Okay, the headline here is very true. Ellie has litigated as a man and as a woman, and she has some pretty interesting things to say about that — as well as some advice for male litigators.

But Ellie was also a real-deal trial lawyer back when litigators actually tried cases, and she took a huge risk by investing $70,000 to start her own law firm back when a laptop cost $4,000. And she built a successful practice with a reputation for aggressive advocacy and honest dealings.

In addition to all that, Ellie wrote a book about her transgender journey, Getting to Ellen, and started an award-winning public interest organization, Call for Justice.

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