Make Quick Phone Calls with Slydial

Most lawyers are busy, make that very busy. Sometimes you need to get a message to a person, but feel time-crunched, and not real interested in having a conversation. Slydial can help you shorten your phone calls.

Call straight into your recipient’s voicemail

When you use slydial, it connects you straight to a mobile phone number’s voicemail. The person does not know that you called (although apparently sometimes the phone will incur half a ring). Unfortunately, the service only works with phone calls to mobile numbers, it does not work with landlines.

Use it from a landline or a mobile phone

Slydial is a service. You can call the slydial number from either a landline or a mobile phone. The company also makes apps for many popular smartphones. In addition, the service is currently free. If you get tired of listening to the advertisements they play before connecting your phone calls, you can pay $2.95/month or $29.95/year to get an ad-free version.

Use it for leaving messages

Good client service is imperative to a successful law practice. That means talking to your clients when you need to. If you have bad news, you need to either tell them in person, or over the phone. I do not recommend slydial for those situations.

Slydial is useful for when you need to simply convey information without having a conversation. For example, calling clients to let them know you received a check or that you mailed them the documents you discussed. If you need to call a vendor and simply leave a message about something, slydial is perfect for that.

Think of it this way: If you are leaving a message that requires a return phone call, do not use slydial. If you are merely trying to convey information, the service can save you time.


  1. Avatar Caitlin Elliott says:

    Has anyone ever had a problem with this service, though? I’ve known about it for a few years. While I’ve never used it for “evil” (though I can imagine some misuses) I seem to recall some sorts of fairly serious glitches occurring – enough that I didn’t use it again. Blah blah blah usual disclaimer that it was a long time ago, but I can’t help but be nervous of the possibility of an “informational” message getting lost.

    If it doesn’t work, not only does your client not get the message, but you don’t know that your client didn’t get the message.

    In addition, I can’t help but think that any semi-conscious person would notice and perhaps take offense if it happened to them repeatedly – it doesn’t happen very often that a phone call goes straight to vm.

  2. Avatar Randall R. says:

    @ Caitlin – whether you use Slydial or not, isn’t there always a danger that a person will not receive a voicemail left for them?

  3. Avatar hushmailer says:

    I use voice mail quite a bit as a consumer and as a client probably would not take offense so long as we both were agreeable to mutual use of this method with time frames provided to know when to expect voice mail messages so I could confirm receipt or comment back. Sure to save clients money in the long run. Thanks for the posts on this.

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