In my last post, I explained why I use HelloSign and HelloFax in my firm’s paperless office. But if you can’t use HelloSign and HelloFax effectively it be a lot more work and waste more time than the old print-sign-fax method.

Here’s how I use them.

Before we begin: HelloSign v. HelloFax

The biggest difference between HelloSign and HelloFax is that HelloSign will allow you to send a document for someone else to sign. The signer will receive an email, and they will be prompted to complete whatever sections you indicated. This I not an option in HelloFax.

Also, HelloSign will only let you email documents, but HelloFax will let you use fax or email. (As I said in my last post though, you can work around this and fax from HelloSign by emailing to [faxnumber]

Since HelloSign and HelloFax are linked, setting up an account with either one grants you access to both services, and you can switch back and forth from within either app. Documents from both services are also tracked in in one place. Therefore, when I am talking about one program, realize that most of what I say will apply to both.

Create an account

To start using these programs go to and set up an account. (If you have a Google account, you can use it to sign in.)

Create your signature


You can create signature(s) in several ways:

  • Upload your signature from your computer

  • Type your signature and select a font (I use this option for my initials)

  • Draw your signature with a mouse or by drawing on a tablet

You can also create multiple signatures. I have one with my initials, one of my uploaded signature, and one for another attorney in my office.

Once you create your signature(s), they will be stored in your account for use anywhere you are using HelloSign or HelloFax.

Sign and Send a Document


1. Add your file

You can upload a file from your computer or import from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or Skydrive.

2. Edit the document by clicking “Edit & Sign”

You have the option of entering in text, the date signed, and any of your signatures.

Drag and resize your text and signature so it fits properly.

You can also create a new signature now if you did not already.

3. Enter recipient’s fax or email address

With the free version you can only send to one recipient at a time, but with the paid accounts you can add multiple recipients.

4. Create a cover page (optional) by selecting “+Custom message” under the recipient’s information.

5. Send by hitting “Send it now”

Receiving Faxes

You must have a paid account to receive faxes through HelloFax.

Click Receive Faxes on the left in HelloFax.

View the fax plans and select one that is right for you (there is a 30-day free trial so you can make sure you like it).

HelloFax will assign a fax number to you based on your location and area code.

After you set up your account, you can view your new incoming fax number in Settings. The fax number is under Fax Lines.

Now you can give out your fax number and incoming faxes will be sent directly to your email.

If you have your own fax number you can request “porting” (basically forwarding of the fax number to HelloFax) by filling out a form here. HelloFax will walk you through the rest of the process.

Requesting a Signature

1. Make sure you are in HelloSign (you cannot request a signature from within HelloFax).

2. Select Request a Signature on the right

3. Add your file

Just as with signing a document, you can upload the file from your computer or import from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or Skydrive.

4. Enter the recipient’s information — name and email address

5. Edit the Document by clicking Prepare docs for signing

You can have the recipient enter text, the date signed, or a signature.

Choose what you want the recipient to fill in and drag and resize if needed.

Enter as many boxes to complete as necessary.

Save the document when done.


6. Customize the message to your recipient with a title and a brief message.

The recipient will receive information in the email walking them through how to sign and complete the document but I normally explain in the message that they can create a signature by typing with a font or signing with a mouse or on a tablet.

7. Send by hitting Request signature

8. You will receive an email when the recipient opens the document and when they sign it.

Accessing documents you have sent

You can access all of the documents you have sent by going to Documents on the right. The signed versions (whether ones you signed or ones you sent for signature) are accessible here for later reference.

Other possibilities

There are many other options in the HelloFax and HelloSign programs, some of which may be helpful depending on your situation:

  • Assign a team to receive and send documents by going to Team on the right.

  • Create multiple fax numbers to receive faxes from (and you can customize who on your team receives which fax numbers) by going to Settings and Add a Fax Line. There is an additional charge for multiple fax lines

  • Gmail integration — install the app and a Sign button automatically appears next to attachments in your Gmail that will take you directly to HelloSign.

  • Import contacts by going to Settings and Address Book

  • Create reusable documents that you send for signatures often by selecting Reusable Documents in HelloSign. You can select the information that should be completed and save it to send in the future. (Great for retainer contracts or intake worksheets where the information requested is always the same).


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  1. Hi there,

    I do normally sign faxes by using the built-in PDF signature feature of Preview in Mac OS X.

    I realize it’s a much more basic solution, but it gets the work done most of the times.

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