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Podcast #152: Divorce with Benefits, with Erin Levine

In this episode Erin Levine explains how her experience as a divorce lawyer led her to build Hello Divorce, a web-based DIY divorce portal that earned Erin a nomination for the ABA's Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access.

How Lawyers Work: John C. Hardie, Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Lawyer and Woods Wanderer

In this week's edition of How Lawyers Work, we hear from John C. Hardie, co-founder of Bharti Hardie PLLC in Seattle, WA. John primarily practices in the areas of personal injury, complex injury cases, and wrongful death. 

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Podcast #151: How Westlaw Lost its Copyright, with Alan Sugarman

In this episode we're joined by Alan Sugarman to talk about the landmark case that opened up access to law and ultimately resulted in more options for online legal research today.